How to start a business in the capital of Sweden

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Starting a business is never easy, no matter where you decide to do it. All beginnings are difficult and the only way to overcome the obstacles that you are going to face is by being well-informed and prepared for every possible situation. There are no shortcuts if you want to have a successful business; it’s all about motivation and a lot of hard work.

Sweden is the seventh richest country in the world and has a strong growing economy. Stockholm is not only Sweden’s capital, but also its financial centre and the most populous city in the Nordic countries. Large international companies set up their businesses in Stockholm and major Swedish banks also have their headquarters in the city.

Therefore, starting a business in the capital of Sweden can be the opportunity of a lifetime and if you know how to play your cards right, this can be the path to success. Stockholm is the ideal city for start-ups and there are countless events and meetups for entrepreneurs.

Before starting your business in Stockholm, you must gather information about the field of work that you are aiming for. It’s easy to do your research since the online world offers a wealth of useful information on every work sector. You can analyze general statistics or learn about the regulations that apply in the field you’re interested by checking with different trade organisations such as The Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association (for the hospitality industry) or The Swedish Trade Federation (for wholesale and retail).

Writing a business plan is what you should do next. It might sound difficult, but having a business plan is very important as it offers a clear idea of your professional objectives and it will help you when seeking outside funding. It shows that your plans are serious and that you are a true professional. There are various online sources where you’ll find templates for business plans. You might also want to consider translating the business plan to Swedish if you want to present it to Swedish people.

After that, the procedures you have to follow to set up your business are straightforward and transparent. The process for officially registering your business can be done entirely online, at This is where you’ll find all the information you need in both English and Swedish, although the Swedish site has more details and also all the documents you need for the registration are in Swedish. So it’s a good idea to get the help of someone who speaks very good Swedish.

By registering with verksamt, you’ll also be registered with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish Tax Authority. If you want to register your business name as well, you can do it at

Once you’ve completed all the necessary procedures your business will be ready to run within two to three weeks, so you must have everything well organised and gather all your energy to start your exciting adventure in Stockholm.





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